Weston has approximately 7,000 students. We are the official Taxi provider for Weston College and the University Centre Weston


Student Safety Scheme

Exeter University students only

It’s late, the buses have stopped running, and you’re stranded with no money…

Did you know you can pay for your Apple taxi at a later date?

  • Book your Apple taxi to ‘Estate Patrol’ at Northcote House on Campus
  • One of our taxis will take you to the Estate Patrol office
  • You sign a docket along with Estate Patrol to confirm your journey details & cost
  • Driver waits while you do this & then takes you on to your Halls
  • The University charges you the fare plus £2 to take you back to your halls

Apple Central Taxis provide this service in conjunction with the University of Exeter, and reminds you that this service is only available during the hours of darkness, and only if you find yourself genuinely stranded with no money.

Students should never walk home alone after a night out. We always put your safety first!