Dear Driver,

It has been an intense 24 months at Apple with work fluctuating up and down throughout the pandemic. We would like to start by thanking all the drivers and staff that have worked so hard to keep things moving.

With the work finally starting to pour in, we are finding that we need to take measures to protect some of the work we have. Unfortunately, due to the pickup in work, some of our account customers have been neglected and we have sadly lost some accounts. For this reason we will be introducing a tiered system for drivers which will be explained below…

Are you a Red car or a Green car…?


Are you a Red car or a Green car…?
We are testing a new tiered system that will reward the Green cars with added features while the Red cars (which are seen as damaging the company) will have restricted access to certain features on the unit.

The main aspect we need to address is the amount of bookings that are either rejected or recovered from drivers. We have found that this is causing a lot of issues for staff when trying to cover bookings throughout the day and night and this was the main cause for us losing a large account.

How do I end up as a Red car?
Recovered/Rejected bookings in a 7 day period

This will run from Thursday-Thursday along with the weekly sheets.
Drivers exceeding the 50 limit will be changed over to a Red car.

What features are lost if I become a Red car?
You will be unable to Add Via’s | See Booking Previews |
Bid on work |or do Zone Vehicle Query

How long will I remain a Red car?
Drivers that are placed as a Red car will remain there until the following Thursday when the recovered/rejected bookings are then tallied up again.

There will be no exceptions for this as we need to take a strong stance to ensure the company is not damaged and further work lost.

When will the tiered system start?
We intend on the trial commencing from Thursday 8th July, this gives every driver the opportunity to keep within the set limit of 50 Rejected/Recovered bookings in a 7 day period.

Card Payments:
Weston zones – card payments will not be paid as a callout if they are no fared. These are being refunded back to the customer as if it was a cash booking.

Clevedon and Burnham:
The top ups for Clevedon have now come to an end. We are continuing the top-ups for the Burnham-on-Sea zone but the office staff have been informed that they are required to take card payments between the hours of 18:00-06:00 to avoid the late night No Fares.

Top-ups will be paid to those drivers either making the journey to or from the zone if you have been dragged. Drivers already in the zone or passing through on the way back to Weston will not receive a top-up.

System Meters:
Please ignore any rates that show on your PDA meters during account jobs. This rate is not correct and is manually priced by our accounts team prior to the sheets being completed on a Thursday.

Important Announcements:
Time and a half is to ONLY be charged between 12am-6am on a Sunday morning, this excludes Airport, Railway and worker bookings.

Takeaway Bookings: If you are happy to complete takeaway jobs, please contact the operator so they can add the Takeaway capability to your driver account.

In car, card payments: For those of the drivers without a card machine, you are missing out… we completed over 4,500 jobs in May which required a “Card Car”

Clear BEFORE going home
It has been noticed by staff that drivers have been going home with an incomplete job on their screens.
Please clear your job and finish your shift when you are ready to go home, this allows for the operator to only take work that we can cover.

Jobs Figures
Completed bookings
May, 2021

Completed bookings
May, 2020

Recover/Rejected bookings
May 2021