Dear Driver,

Below you will find a copy of the letter sent out to staff. We have decided to recommence the staff floats and everything is broken down below.

If you would like to do staff floats and earn points for your shift, please let the operator know ASAP so we can add the capability onto your vehicle.

FAO All Staff,

We have made the decision to recommence the staff float system as of 1st October, to avoid misuse of the floats, there will be some rules in place as below.

Requirements for a staff float…
You must call the office at least 30 minutes before your start time to book in a float and it will be sent out ASAP

Floats are only accepted to and from your home address into the office.
(via’s and detours are not permitted)

If you are using a staff float to get home, please keep in mind that our bookings are a priority and your float will be sent around at the operators’ earliest convenience.

What’s in it for the driver..?
Drivers completing floats will receive 2 points for 1 staff or 3 points for 2+ staff

Points cannot be carried over to a new shift unless it is the last job (No exemptions)

Maximum of 3 points

How to book a float in…
Please book floats into the system using the Staff Floats account and using capability G

Please add the driver number onto the white board with the amount of points given, this can then be tallied off as points are given out. (Driver points will be monitored)

You will be excluded from Staff Floats if…
You are seen giving out additional points

You did not call for your float on time

You misuse the system or do not adhere to the rules set out.